Overcome Adoption Difficulties With Skilled Counsel

The love of a family can be the greatest gift in life. With adoption, you get the chance to share that love with a child who needs a family. According to the Adoption Network, about 140,000 children are adopted by American families each year.

Whether you are trying to adopt domestically or internationally, through an agency or privately, adoption can be complicated. A lawyer can be a valuable ally. If you are thinking about adoption and you live in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois, call our adoption attorney, at Mitchell Highlander, LLC.

A Variety Of Adoption Options Are Available

If you are considering an adoption, there are several possibilities.

They include:

Agency adoptions

There are two types, public and private, and they are both regulated and licensed by the state.

  • These agencies usually manage children who have been abused, abandoned, orphaned or who are older and are wards of the state.
  • Children placed through these groups usually have been brought to them by their parents.


  • The birth mother and adoptive parents usually arrange the adoption. They then hire an adoption agency to manage the details.


  • This usually involves an arrangement that has been made by the birth parents (usually the mother) and the adoptive parents.


  • These can be the most complicated adoptions. Adoptive parents must follow their state, the U.S. and the country where the child was born. Parents will also be required to get the child an immigrant visa.

Illinois Has Legal Steps You Must Follow To Adopt

Regardless of the type of adoption, it is best to hire an adoption attorney to help you. Agencies often require you to have a lawyer helping you. Prospective parents will have to complete a home study, which will include a visit, an inspection and interviews with everyone in the house.

You will also be fingerprinted, and you must be examined by a physician and take the training. Illinois also has programs that make it easier to adopt children who have had a difficult time finding a home.

Legal Assistance Can Ease Adoption Complications

Legal requirements can make adoptions stressful. Our adoption lawyer can simplify the process. Contact attorney at our Maryville or O’Fallon offices for help bringing your new family addition to your home. Contact us online or call 618-803-4022