Recognizing When To Use Mediation To Resolve Divorce Issues

Mediation can play an important role in resolving divorce issues, giving you the chance to start over and have a new life. But whether and how you use it depends on your specific circumstances — particularly how you get along (or not) with your ex.

At Mitchell Highlander, LLC, we can guide you effectively in using mediation to take care of divorce issues and move forward.

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Is Mediation In Your Interest?

Mediation involves meeting with a third-party neutral to try to reach agreement about contested issues. In divorce cases, it can be a requirement or an opportunity.

You are required to mediate if you and your ex cannot agree about child custody or a parenting plan. Illinois Supreme Court rules impose this requirement. This means you will have to try to resolve the custody or parenting issue with help from a mediator before proceeding with further litigation.

Mediation can also be an opportunity, however, to come to agreement with your spouse efficiently on less-contentious issues. Any issue can potentially be mediated, including financial matters concerning property division, spousal support or child support.

Take The Right Steps

Even when it is an opportunity, however, you don’t want to be taken advantage of in mediation. Attorney Jamie Mitchell has the experience and vigilance to make sure your interests are protected when mediation is involved in any way in a divorce.

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