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New tax laws merit scrutiny of participants in high-asset divorces

Divorce in Illinois and elsewhere is an event of magnitude, of course, and worthy of due reflection from every conceivably relevant aspect. Many divorcing couples share at least a few core concerns, ranging from child-centric matters (e.g., custody/visitation and support) and spousal maintenance to residential property issues and equitable asset division.

Rembrandt likely never figured he'd feature in a divorce settlement

Property division is likely to be a key focus in virtually any high-asset divorce in Illinois or elsewhere across the United States, for obvious reasons. Marital partners that amassed material wealth during marriage will logically want to see it equitably distributed between them in a divorce outcome.

Things to think about in second and subsequent marriages

The silver lining in the wake of failed marriages for legions of individuals in Illinois and nationally is that their divorce simply marks one lapsed union and does not preclude future happiness. Indeed, and as we know many of our readers can readily attest, a second or subsequent marriage brings true and lasting contentment for millions of Americans.

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