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Dividing a military pension in divorce

As a civilian spouse, you understand how difficult military marriage can be. You must cope with long absences and frequent moves among other challenges. Sometimes these challenges take their toll and a couple decides to divorce.

Your kids are precious assets: how to protect them in divorce

Family law commentators - authors, clinicians, researchers, psychologists and, of course, attorneys - routinely spotlight a number of topics relevant to the divorce realm. The marital dissolution process is unquestionably a singular and complicated experience for most involved parties, and it is unsurprising that it involves numerous and diverse challenges.

Pet outcomes in divorce: far from a trivial concern in many cases

Much has changed in the divorce realm in recent years. We have cited major developments and trends in prior blog posts and on our website at The Law Office of Jamie Mitchell, LLC (with locations in Maryville and Edwardsville, respectively).

One expert's observations about domestic violence

We cited in a recent blog post some takeaway points offered in an article written by a commentator who truly knows something about domestic abuse in the United States. Susan Paisner is a criminal law expert and ex-adviser to police agencies on crafting family abuse policies and investigating violence claims.

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