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Illinois child custody bill in the spotlight, Part 2

Illinois courts have exercised progressively more discretion in recent years concerning the child custody outcomes they fashion in divorce cases. We note on our family law website at The Law Office of Jamie Mitchell in Maryville that judges are empowered to consider numerous factors when determining how to best promote a child's interests following divorce. Their ability to do so promotes tailored and creative parenting outcomes.

Tips for Speaking to Kids About Divorce

It's never easy to break the news of a pending divorce to children. At a time when you're under enormous stress yourself, it may be difficult to offer your children the support they need. However, it's important to try to see things from your children's perspective so you can help them navigate this difficult life transition.

Tips for Unmarried Fathers in Illinois

Imagine finding out the mother of your child placed the child up for adoption without your knowledge. This happens to fathers all across Illinois every year. The first, and easiest, step to prevent this from happening to you is to register with the Illinois Putative Father Registry.

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