Taking the high road in an Illinois divorce is beneficial

by | Aug 25, 2020 | divorce

Taking the high road in an Illinois divorce is beneficial

Today’s blog post headline above spotlights an approach that is clearly an optimal strategy for divorcing spouses.

In most cases, an amicable stance taken during the divorce process is not a guaranteed recipe in every instance for an ideal outcome and future bliss. Not every decoupling is civil. Divorcing partners sometimes harbor hostile feelings that can only be vented via an adversarial process played out in court.

That is the exception rather than the rule, though. Even if relative civility is a too-lofty goal for some impending exes to aspire to, it is reachable in most cases.

And when it is, notes a recent Forbes article on “taking the higher ground” in divorce, it yields results.

Keeping worst instincts in check during the divorce process (e.g., urges to verbally lash out, complaining about matters on social media outlets, refusing to compromise in a parenting plan and so forth) diminishes stress and promotes better decision making.

And Forbes states too that keeping a lid on behavioral outbursts and behaving with rational conduct and civility toward a soon-to-be ex scores key points with judges.

That means this: If you want a certain outcome concerning the kids, property division or another matter, let your spouse be the one who rails and spews over the details. “Momentary lapses of judgment can cast you in a negative light,” states Forbes. Let your spouse be the one who comes across as unreasonable and/or vindictive before a judge.

The divorce process can obviously entail all kinds of challenges and stress that needs to be held in check, unless the objective is litigated warfare in court. Questions or concerns regarding marital dissolution and deportment that can pay dividends during the process can be directed to a proven and results-oriented family law attorney.