Month: March 2020

Who gets the pet?

One of these things is not like the other: Car, couch, painting, Golden Retriever. Which is it? The dog, of course. Unlike the others, the dog is a living, breathing, and feeling animal. And dogs—and other pets—can lead to some uniquely tricky and emotional arguments...

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Is Divorce Mediation Ever a Bad Idea?

If you’ve decided to file for divorce, the chances are that you are now beset by stress and anxiety. Divorce is a complicated life event. There’s no way around that fact, but as you’ve studied your options to regain some hope and control, you might have read about...

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How does alimony work in Illinois?

Parents make countless sacrifices for their children. Sometimes these sacrifices include their careers. These sacrifices aren’t always bitter. While you’re married, you may be happy to give up your job to stay home with your children and help them grow. But a divorce...

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