Promoting a reflective and positive divorce-linked viewpoint

by | Sep 26, 2019 | divorce

John McElhenney has some thoughts he’d like to share with individuals about to take a deep breath and engage in the divorce process.

Of course, that only makes sense if McElhenney himself is divorced and can personally relate to what he imparts. Can he walk the talk?

He can, as seems eminently clear by the obvious effort he makes to convey a measured and dispassionate message to others now going through what he similarly endured some years back.

McElhenney would undoubtedly endorse a central point we spotlight at the proven Illinois Law Office of Jamie Mitchell in Maryville. We stress on the website of our established family law firm that, “Divorce is hard, yet it’s also a chance to start over.”

McElhenney recently penned a divorce article in the publication Good Men Project that leads with a similar thrust. He points to negatives that inherently surface in the process (e.g., resentment, bitterness, self-pity, fear of the unknown), yet purposefully opts to reach consistently for the positives. His self-described philosophy to guide his own divorce and emergence story is “to uncover the WINS and attempt to uncover and to eliminate the MISSES (his emphasis).”

Put another way, in his words: “Divorce is a major disaster, but it can also be the life-changing event that sets you free to be happier than you could’ve imagined.”

Readers interested in delving into some specifically enumerated points McElhenney makes can do so by accessing the above-cited article via our provided link.

And, of course, they can contact an experienced and empathetic family law attorney for real-world divorce advice and strategies to employ that might reasonably offer best-case outcomes in their own dissolutions.

Many divorcing parties do indeed discover – as we stress on our website – that the end of a marriage is also “the start to a new life.”