The divorce mindset: Being Rational and Dispassionate Pays Off

by | Aug 22, 2019 | property division

Most divorces in Illinois and elsewhere typically feature some angst and emotional upheaval. That spells a divorce norm far more than it does an anomaly.

It is therefore entirely reasonable for divorcing readers of our blog posts at Mitchell Highlander, LLC in Maryville to regard the divorce process with less than meditative serenity. Concededly, there is some stress involved. Marital dissolution is a singular – for many people, once-in-a-lifetime – event.

Notwithstanding the “wow, this is really happening” aspects of divorce, though (one recent national media article terms it “an emotional roller coaster”), there is no reason why most splitting-up parties can’t take a deep breath and approach the process in a rationally uplifting manner.

It’s kind of like doing homework or research on any new topic. Knowledge is power, and power can be employed in ways that optimally promote one’s self-interests. The above-cited USA Today piece underscores especially that taking some time to understand money matters can be critically important for many divorcing spouses. If you are calling it quits, notes the article, you can benefit greatly from approaching your settlement “with a clear head and an accurate accounting of your finances.”

That’s not rocket science, right? Still, it can certainly be hard to know how – or where – to start.

An experienced and empathetic family law attorney with a deep well of experience in divorce-linked matters relevant to asset division (identification, classification, valuation and equitable distribution) can help materially with the process.

Moreover, a seasoned legal advocate who works hard to forge best-case divorce outcomes for valued and divorce clients will emphasize candor and realistic options/strategies always.

We welcome contacts to our firm from readers seeking information on family law matters and strategies they can employ to take fullest advantage of next-stage opportunities in life.