Does divorce make some Illinois fathers better parents?

by | Jul 12, 2019 | divorce

Many fathers in Illinois and elsewhere step up to the plate of parenthood with more resolve, commitment and acumen following divorce than they did while still married.

If that sounds paradoxical to any degree, multiple commentators in a recent article penned for the publication Fatherly insist that the idea of a post-divorce “improved dad” is actually quite logical in many cases. One writer notes that, “Where divorce used to turn dads into peripheral figures, [new] research suggests that it can provide them with room to become better fathers.”

Many divorced dads are clearly stepping forward to embrace fatherhood and improve their parenting skills in the extra space afforded to them by marital dissolution.

One interviewed ex-spouse/dad enthusiastically communicated that view to Fatherly. He underscored a commitment to now “step forward and take responsibility” in situations where he formerly would have simply relied upon his wife “to tell me what to do.”

Other fathers echo that sentiment. They state that they feel more focused and empowered as dads in the wake of marital relationships in which routine stress and conflict sapped their child-rearing abilities. Some even say that they were unaware they possessed such skills until they began solo parenting after their divorce.

A clinical psychologist who focuses on family matters says that men “grow in self-confidence when they make child-rearing decisions.”

That is not surprising, certainly to a proven family law attorney who routinely helps diverse clients in divorce matters. Children’s best interests are best served by the continued strong presence of both parents following divorce.

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