Could continued insurance coverage be important in your divorce?

by | Jul 12, 2019 | divorce

When you are going through the divorce process, it’s easy to remember the big things, like who gets custody of the kids and who keeps the marital home. It’s also easy to forget the little things that you don’t use everyday, but that are essential to financial security, like insurance.

A recent Forbes article explains that the stressors of divorce can make it “easy to overlook basic items like the family’s insurance coverage.”

We ensure that our valued and diverse clients at the Illinois Law Office of Jamie Mitchell check off that bullet point if it is even remotely applicable in their divorce. It is a core task of any proven family law attorney to consider every important dissolution-linked matter, and insurance issues often and easily qualify for that designation.

For example, it might be essential that an ex-spouse and children be retained as dependents on the health insurance policy of a higher earning former partner’s employer-sponsored plan. And it can be an imperative for a spouse paying child and/or spousal support to augment those payments with the protection provided by a sizable life insurance policy. Indeed, and as Forbes points out, “Sometimes life insurance is required as part of a divorce settlement.”

Divorce-tied insurance issues can easily arise during the dissolution process. An experienced family law attorney will be sure to address them.