Proven divorce counsel can provide advice on outside professional input

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | divorce, Firm News

A recent article authored by a national legal publication prominently notes a fundamental point concerning marital dissolution.

And that is this: “Every divorce is different.”

We underscore that truth on our family law website at the Illinois Law Office of Mitchell Highlander, LLC, LLC. We stress therein the “unique circumstances” central to the ending of any marriage. We also note that, “Divorce is hard,” often rendered comparatively so by the level of conflict that features in any given case.

The above-cited National Law Review article echoes that point. And, it additionally stresses that family law-linked input from one or more expert witnesses might be warranted if things get particularly complex or contentious.

Candidly, they sometimes do and across a wide range of matters. Issues germane to acrimonious child custody exchanges sometimes prove vexing in divorces, for example. And, that is often similarly true when lines in the proverbial sand are drawn concerning high-asset property division, alimony, and additional considerations.

In such instances, input from a professional such as a child psychologist, forensic accountant, or other professional can prove beneficial during the divorce process.

Divorce clients who think that might be the case should feel wholly empowered to raise the matter with their divorce attorney.

Indeed, an experienced family law attorney will often suggest it first and, moreover, have a list of qualified individuals for a client to consider. A proven divorce attorney with a demonstrated record of strong advocacy in complex divorce representation will always consider the added value that a trusted addition to a divorce team might reasonably bring.