Research underscores complexities, changing nature of family law

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | divorce, Firm News

Change reigns supreme where family law trends and expectations are concerned.

Take divorce for example, whether in Illinois or elsewhere. Developments and statistics relevant to marital dissolution are always in flux in the United States, and dynamically changing

Take this little nugget for example: The group that might reasonably seem to most people to be the least likely to divorce is actually the most apt to do so.

That would be the baby boomers, who are bucking an overall trend of lowered divorce in the U.S. by splitting up at a rate exceeding any other demographic. Recent data issued by the respected Pew Research Center states that, “Among those ages 65 and older, the divorce rate has roughly tripled since the 1990s.”

We stress on our family law website at the established Law Office of Mitchell Highlander, LLC (located in Maryville and , respectively) that, “Divorce is hard, yet its’s also a chance to start over.”

That observation is repeatedly borne out by change that is also being seen increasingly on the remarriage front. Legions of people face challenges going through the divorce process, but do indeed find a silver lining in its wake.

That is, they remarry, happily so and for keeps. Pew’s data show a stark rise in recent years in new marriages involving a spouse who was previously married and subsequently divorced. Notably, 20% of new marriages in a recent year reportedly were consummated by partners who had both been married before.

Americans are an adaptable people, commanding a collective mindset that embraces change and opportunities to create diverse and newly dynamic family units.

A proven attorney routinely helps valued clients deal with challenges and promote new possibilities in the ever-changing and unique area of family law.