Spotlight on alimony for some IL couples as New Year approaches

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

Spousal support in a divorce is judicially considered on a case-by-case basis. We note on our website at The Law Office of Mitchell Highlander, LLC that an Illinois court’s consideration of alimony is pursuant to a two-step process.

A judge will initially evaluate whether support is appropriate in a given matter. If that is deemed the case, focus will then turn to consideration of the proper amount to be awarded.

Our law firm provides diligent and knowledgeable representation to both payers and recipients of Illinois alimony. In doing so, we make unflagging efforts to stay current on legal changes concerning this important family law issue.

That is exceedingly important, because key adjustments are sometimes made. We note on our website, for example, a huge alimony-linked change that is soon forthcoming. Effective from January 1 of 2019, spouses paying alimony will no longer be entitled to deduct maintenance payments from their taxes. And recipients will no longer have to claim them as taxable income.

The implications of that for some divorcing couples are potentially huge, and eminently clear. In some instances, the inability of a payer to take a deduction can thrust him or her into a higher tax bracket. Money that would previously be retained and perhaps used in addition to alimony to benefit a recipient spouse (and/or children) is no longer available. From 2019, it goes instead to the IRS.

A recent media report delves into some detail regarding the upcoming alimony contours that will soon feature. It additionally spotlights recent revisions in Illinois alimony guidelines, which divorcing couples in the state might reasonably want to know about.

The bottom line concerning spousal maintenance is that it is in flux and about to undergo some fundamental changes. Questions or concerns regarding alimony adjustments can be directed to an experienced Illinois family law attorney.