Steps you can take to secure proven family law counsel

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

A recent U.S. News & World Report article on family law duly notes the need for any individual facing material legal challenges to secure the services of a truly experienced attorney. That piece stresses that a person needing help likely has little or no background in what is a highly specialized and singular realm of focus.

Conversely, proven legal counsel does.

How can a prospective client find that professional?

There are certainly things that can be purposefully done that are far more effective than simply making a finger stab in the phone book or from an online list.

Friends, co-workers and other acquaintances might be helpful for compiling a short list of candidates (so too a local legal or professional organization).

Here’s an initial tip: If you have some interest in a particular lawyer, don’t hesitate to make a contact and ask a number of pointed questions. The attorney you eventually posit trust in and seek to work with will appreciate – not resent – the communication. Moreover, counsel with a demonstrated record of strong client advocacy will be immediately responsive and forthcoming to queries concerning billing, progress communications and other key matters.

The aforementioned article notes several other points that, when carefully considered by a client, can help promote case success. Here are a few examples:

  • Rely upon – don’t consistently question or resist – your attorney’s strategies and recommendation (that is, remember why you retained a specific lawyer in the first place)
  • Mum’s the word (don’t speak openly to third parties about your case, thus potentially telegraphing it to the other side)
  • Try attending to minor chores and tasks yourself that don’t absolutely require your advocate’s attention (personally finding and compiling certain information can save you some money)
  • Once you’ve identified counsel that you’ve identified as eminently qualified, empathetic and a sound communicator, trust your instincts

Hiring the right lawyer can require a bit of time and effort. It is certainly a doable proposition, though, and can make a material difference in a client’s case outcome and future.