The Brangelina divorce might ring similarly true with yours

by | Aug 15, 2018 | child custody & support, Firm News

We see them all the time jet-setting off to one of their multiple properties spanning the globe, kids in tow. No viewer has to surf cable channels for long to see either him, her or both of them together starring in one of the huge number of movies they have made. If he’s not on the cover of Magazine A, it might be because it’s her turn. If she was featured in last month’s Vogue, it’s back to Brad.

Pitt, that is. With his counterpart of course being Angelina Jolie. Collectively, they are globally known as the power couple Brangelina. Virtually every aspect of their lives is spotlighted in media tabloids.

That includes their divorce in progress, of course, which has been ongoing for many months now and hardly looks ripe for imminent closure. We suspect that many of our family law readers across Illinois likely have a hard time escaping from some of the Brangelina divorce fodder.

That’s just the way it goes in the modern era, where celebrities’ lives are under a withering spotlight. Pitt and Jolie might spell the pinnacle for high-profile infatuation.

They are different, of course. Candidly, though, their tremendous fame does not unduly separate them from similar family law-related stresses and concerns shared by legions of other divorcing couples across America. Brangelina child support-linked angst might be singular, but it likely differs from concerns you might be having only in degree.

In the end, every couple must work things out in a reasonable way, with the best interests of their kids being paramount where custody and support considerations are concerned.

It might be useful to see Brangelina in that way, especially concerning recent news that Jolie is seeking a court order requiring Pitt to pay more child support money. She claims that what he has provided thus far as divorce proceedings slog on has not been “meaningful.”

He unsurprisingly begs to differ, with the matter now moving toward a next stage of rebuttal and judicial determinations concerning an amount that might be reasonable in what is obviously an unusual case.

The dimensions surrounding the Brangelina divorce are clearly different from what is more commonly the case, but their core essence is strikingly familiar. As with many other divorces, it is all about children, money and fair play.