Divorce is not the end. Rather, it spells a new beginning.

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

It is certainly nice, though not surprising, to find family law writers and commentators in close accord with our views regarding optimal divorce strategies.

Take a recent article in Forbes written by a divorce columnist, for example. Its author, Heather Locus, repeatedly stresses the importance for an impending ex-spouse during the divorce process of calm (to the degree possible) and logical thinking.

The failure to rein in emotions and the urge to act without considered due thought on some matters can mar future post-divorce life in a big way. Locus prominently stresses the wide-open future that exists beyond divorce. “Remember, you are writing your next chapter,” she reminds readers.

As a proven family law firm, we don’t quite put it the same way, although we do stress for our valued clients the close nexus between negotiated divorce outcomes and post-divorce realities. Many divorcing parties are understandably fixated on the seeming enormity of what must be raised and resolved with a future ex en route to divorce. Under such circumstances, the present can seem overwhelming and all that there really is.

That is obviously not true, though. We explicitly and repeatedly recognize on our website at the Illinois Law Office of Mitchell Highlander, LLC, LLC, the brighter tomorrows that are on the horizon for legions of individuals ending a troubled union. We define divorce less as a terminating point in life than as a new beginning. Our site straightforwardly notes that “we help our clients be prepared to start on a new life post-divorce.”

Notwithstanding the very real challenges that must often be faced and resolved pursuant to getting a divorce decree, that open window of promise is both hopeful and exciting, right?

Locus stresses that having close and leading input from a proven family law attorney can optimally enable a divorcing party to “deal from a position of strength.”

We welcome readers’ contacts to our firm to discuss divorce goals, strategies and forward-looking legal representation.