Dire results for a bad-faith spouse in custody, support matters

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | child custody & support, Firm News

A reader considering a recent article chronicling the details of a notable divorce outcome can reasonably point to several takeaways from what is concededly a somewhat strange story.

Most noteworthy of all might be the former husband’s unexpected response in the wake of the matter to a number of heavy exactions placed upon him for what was his clearly unlawful conduct.

“All this and I still don’t even know what for,” the man recently stated.

Arguably, the “what for” element is clear enough. At least it was to prosecutors and a judge, the latter which sentenced the man last month to a half-year term of home detention following his criminal conviction on a perjury charge.

The at-home lockup is seemingly the least of the former husband’s worries, given the slew of other civil law downsides that befell him following the discovery that he had forged his wife’s signature on divorce documents. The bogus signature was accompanied by his unilateral alteration (without his spouse’s knowledge) of the material terms they had orally agreed to concerning child support payments and his visitation rights regarding his son.

The couple had agreed to a $1,000 monthly payment, which the man fudged downward in writing to $700. He additionally tacked on a liberally expanded amount of visitation time.

All that is now changed, following judicial input. The man is now tasked to pay $1,300 monthly, and he has no visitation rights whatsoever. Additionally, he is on the hook for assorted legal fees and costs to the tune of scores of thousands of dollars.

All that could have been avoided through the employment of simple honesty and adherence to his original agreement.