This concern is not cynical: If anything, it’s prudent

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Firm News, high asset divorce

Any number of naysayers in Illinois and nationally will readily fault a person who seeks legal guidance regarding personal assets prior to getting married.

Many of those people, well, probably don’t have personal assets. Because, if they did, logic might reasonably dictate that they at least engage in a candid discussion regarding acquired property with a proven family law professional prior to getting hitched.

It is common these days for many individuals to marry — for a first or subsequent time — after they are established in a career. Many such individuals have substantial equity in homes and other assets — even businesses. Many have inherited sizable wealth. Legions of about-to-marry Americans have high balances in multiple savings and investment vehicles.

Given that, it arguably seems strange for a soon-to-wed individual to not be focused on their so-called “separate” property or not want to discuss ways to legally ensure its identification and post-marital protection.

That is the central point conveyed in a recent national business article discussing prudent money management moves to consider prior to marriage. That piece stresses that, rather than being cynical, due attention paid to valuing and safeguarding separate wealth simply reflects proactive and forward-thinking strategy.

An experienced divorce attorney can ensure that a timely wealth-centered discussion on separate-versus-marital property is duly educational. The matter can be somewhat complex.

Moreover, and as noted in the aforementioned article, state laws on the subject can “vary enormously.” A family law lawyer with a deep well of experience in property-linked matters can help spotlight and explain what is important.