Illinois co-parenting: yes, there’s an app for that

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2018 | child custody & support, Firm News

A central part of most Illinois divorces involving children is the parenting plan that mothers and fathers implement to guide key custody- and visitation-related matters.

Some divorcing parents find that crafting such a plan is no big deal. They are able to work together in an amicable and flexible manner on arrangements that best promote their children’s interests in everything from schooling and medical care to child support and extracurricular activities.

Other parents, well … .

In fact, devising and following a parenting plan is a flatly daunting task for some moms and dads, especially if they aren’t on the same page regarding most things. And, of course, many divorced couples aren’t.

Enter the SmartCoparent, a digital app developed by an entrepreneur that has been described as “the next evolution in peaceful co-parenting for the matrimonially challenged.”

If you’re divorced and having difficulty with scheduling and other parenting matters, the product developed by the company Aeonic Ventures might be right up your alley. The SmartCoparent is touted as “a complete digital ecosystem” that helps parents seamlessly manage everything from scheduling and bill payments to instant communication and record storage. Its developer states that it is “suitable for just about any type of co-parenting relationship imaginable.”

Although that is debatable, of course, stressed parents that are looking for a better system to guide their co-parenting efforts might reasonably dig for further information on the product.

And it goes without saying that reaching out to a proven family law attorney with proven experience in custody/visitation matters and parenting plan guidance remains an optimal choice for parents seeking to make their co-parenting efforts a bit smoother.