Your Illinois divorce might not unfold in court, but if it does …

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

Here’s a core point about divorces in Illinois and everywhere else across the country: They are all different.

When we note that at the Madison County Law Office of Mitchell Highlander, LLC, LLC, we don’t simply mean that marital dissolution has some case-to-case variance. We mean that, because every marriage is flatly unique, so too is virtually everything relevant to a couple’s divorce.

An individual seeking to end his or her marriage often has a deep well of concerns, which we don’t seek to address in any detail here. What we do emphasize in today’s post is the fundamental question that often emerges prominently for a divorcing party, namely this: Should I seek an uncontested or contested divorce?

Again, that determination will be based on unique factors, and the proper course to take might not be immediately apparent in a given case. An individual with questions or concerns regarding the optimal divorce route to take might reasonably want to consult in a candid and thorough way with a tested and empathetic family law attorney. An advocate who commands experience representing divorcing individuals both inside and outside the courtroom can advise on strategies that will best promote a client’s interests.

Having said that, we stress a baseline point concerning uncontested divorce that we make on our website, namely, that such a decoupling might be preferable “if you already know what you want and have agreed to it with the other party.”

If that is not the case, a contested divorce might be in the cards. Although that doesn’t automatically equate to a scorched-earth aggressive battle in court, it is comparatively cloaked in legalities and formality and under the watchful eyes of a judge.

A recent article in a national publication addresses some relevant dos and don’ts concerning how a party should act and proceed in a courtroom-litigated divorce. We’ll take a look at those in our next blog post.