Things to think about in second and subsequent marriages

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Firm News, high asset divorce

The silver lining in the wake of failed marriages for legions of individuals in Illinois and nationally is that their divorce simply marks one lapsed union and does not preclude future happiness. Indeed, and as we know many of our readers can readily attest, a second or subsequent marriage brings true and lasting contentment for millions of Americans.

That positive state is not often just reached casually for many people, though. In fact, reflective and careful individuals acknowledge the failures of a first marriage and apply resulting hard-earned knowledge toward strategies they hope will fuel success with a new partner.

That is especially true in many instances where remarrying couples are comparatively older. In such cases, both parties often have ongoing careers or are approaching — or already enjoying — retirement. They may have adult children from a prior marriage. Many baby boomer-aged individuals have accumulated a significant amount of personal and real property, including a family home.

Those realities absolutely need to be spotlighted and accounted for in discussions with a soon-to-be spouse, from the perspective of both parties.

Moreover, they need to be concluded with an understanding implemented through relevant documentation and, when deemed necessary, the execution of relevant legal agreements. As a recent national article focused on safeguarding financial interests prior to a repeat marriage notes, negotiations “are particularly important when marrying for the second or third time.”

A proven family law attorney can provide candid and knowledgeable guidance on matters that many remarrying couples might reasonably want to address before they tie the marital knot. We will note some of those concerns in our next blog post.