Illinois divorce: multiple routes for securing a successful outcome

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

Some Illinois residents who contemplate divorce envision a process marked by courtroom conflict.

And that is understandable, given the centrality of court-based battles in contemporary popular culture.

Moreover, it is indeed the case that a marital dissolution closely overseen by a judge often makes strong sense. That is especially true when civility is in short supply between divorcing parties, when family violence is well demonstrated, when one partner has a serious substance problem or when an impending ex simply refuses to negotiate in good faith.

Such realities hardly define the divorce process in every case, though, do they? In fact, many couples in St. Clair and Madison counties, and throughout Illinois, can potentially derive far more benefit from engaging in divorce mediation that they can through a traditional litigation approach.

Reams of empirical evidence, coupled with mass endorsements, stress broad-based benefits that can derive from a mediated divorce outcome. The following (and many other) advantages are often cited:


  • Participants’ increased autonomy concerning input and determinations on key family-centric issues
  • Greater control over costs and timing
  • Enhanced confidentiality
  • Stress reduction

As we duly note on our website at the established Law Offices of Mitchell Highlander, LLC, LLC (with locations serving clients in Maryville and , respectively), mediation attendance is sometimes required of divorcing parties in Illinois. Such is the case when “disputes over allocation of parental responsibilities” feature (read child custody/visitation, for example). Many other issues, including financial matters, can be freely mediated.

When mediation makes strong sense as an alternative dispute mechanism to formal adversarialism in family law matters, it can help guide an optimal outcome. Individuals and couples seeking further information can contact a proven divorce attorney with mediation experience for guidance and solution-focused legal representation.