Divorce: challenging, yes, but often a catalyst for positive change

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2018 | divorce, Firm News

A recent national media article addressing the topic of divorce notes that marital dissolution “is rarely easy, simple and painless.”

We are even more succinct than that on our website at The Law Office of Mitchell Highlander, LLC in Maryville, simply stressing that, “Divorce is hard.”

Having stated that, though, we also pass along to readers what we think is a deeply important point, gleaned from years of knowledgeable and empathetic family law advocacy.

And that is this: Although the divorce process can be trying across several fronts, its wake can spell a new beginning marked by hope and renewed empowerment.

In a strong sense, it is the central role of a proven family law attorney to provide valued clients with legal representation that optimally promotes that outcome.

Legal processes and strategies will necessarily vary in each case, given the central reality that family law concerns — especially divorce-relate considerations — are wholly unique in every instance. No two families are the same.

The above-cited Forbes piece alludes to that. It states that, “Your divorce is personal, and the facts and circumstances of others have very little to do with yours.”

For that reason, the publication asserts, it is key for a divorcing party to find the “right” attorney for strong, knowing and compassionate advocacy. What that might mean in a given case is one who will closely focus upon children’s vitally important interests. Conversely, it might require exacting attention paid to the identification and valuation of property pursuant to an equitable division of marital assets. It can sometimes require a softer and nuanced touch typically noted with mediation, or it might demand a tough stance in court. Often, effective legal advocacy requires broad-based knowledge and tactics across a wide realm of concerns.

If you are searching for a lawyer who you will be comfortable with and that you know will strongly promote your best interests, you might consider simply reaching out for a personal contact. The “right” attorney will be glad you did and highly motivated to help you resolve your family law issues and challenges.