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Five common concerns for later-in-life divorces

Divorce is difficult for anyone, but for those who experience a later-in-life end to their marriage, the process is unique.

There are many common challenges older divorcing individuals face. Several of them involve everyone's financial security, especially if one party was not the breadwinner or an income earner.

Below are five of the most common challenges individuals may have to manage during a grey divorce.

Family pets: sometimes at center stage in family law matters

Tabloids across the world recently spotlighted the life and likely future of one very high-profile cat.

That is Choupette, the long-time companion of famed designer and fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, who died at an advanced age last month.

Emotive child custody bill reintroduced in IL General Assembly

Expect fireworks. Illinois House Bill 185 is currently radiating in a legislative subcommittee in Springfield, and sparks are expected to fly.

Figuratively, of course, and much in the same manner that they did last year following legislators' consideration of a similar bill that ultimately failed to clear the House.

Research underscores complexities, changing nature of family law

Change reigns supreme where family law trends and expectations are concerned.

Take divorce for example, whether in Illinois or elsewhere. Developments and statistics relevant to marital dissolution are always in flux in the United States, and dynamically changing

A business can be a huge concern in an Illinois divorce

Divorce considerations that loom large for separating Illinois couples can run a broad gamut of concerns. Kids are often at center stage, of course, with child-centric issues focusing on parenting plans, custody, support and additional matters.

The equitable division of marital assets is understandably a core concern for many divorcing parties, too. Asset distribution is generally a complex realm to begin with, but it can easily become far more complicated for high-net-worth couples. We duly note on our website at the established Law Office of Jamie Mitchell, LLC in Maryville that property division for high-asset couples can feature "significant financial challenges."

Parents but not romantic partners: What can you expect from your ex?

You don't really know someone, the noted screenwriter Nora Ephron once said, until you get divorced from them.

At first, this may sound like an overly glib line. It could be from a darkly comic movie much darker in tone than such Efron-scripted hits as When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle. But when you have to continue to relate to your ex because of your kids, a lot is riding on who that person is and how they respond to the divorce.

What can you expect from your spouse, as you continue to be parents together while no longer being romantic partners?

Does the Bezos "Amazon" divorce have any takeaways in the real world?

Consider this number for a moment: 137,000,000,000.

When prefaced with a dollar sign, that is the amount that family law commentators underscore in what seems a fair bet for the priciest divorce in history.

Spotlighting grandparents' rights in Illinois

Happily for most grandparents in Illinois and elsewhere, their children with kids value the input of mom and dad on matters relevant to child-rearing and related issues. A large-scale national survey of young parents flatly indicates that grandparents are among "the most trusted sources" of parenting advice.

That is not always the case, though. In fact, family dislocation - owing to any number of factors, ranging from divorce and alleged abuse to drug/alcohol addiction and accusations of unfitness - can soil intergenerational relations and create conflict between grandparents and their children. In some instances, grandparents who once had liberal visitation rights or are currently seeking to spend time with their grandchildren can be shut out.

Couple's high-asset divorce notable, but also generally instructive

Some divorces in Illinois and elsewhere can be settled relatively easily, with a judge's written decision being set forth in quite summary fashion. Other outcomes are a bit lengthier.

Like 64 pages.

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