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Steps you can take to secure proven family law counsel

A recent U.S. News & World Report article on family law duly notes the need for any individual facing material legal challenges to secure the services of a truly experienced attorney. That piece stresses that a person needing help likely has little or no background in what is a highly specialized and singular realm of focus.

Conversely, proven legal counsel does.

Illinois judges can create custody agreements for pets

More and more Illinois couples are viewing pets as part of the family. These fur balls are here with us for the highs and lows of daily life, so it's only natural to start treating them less as objects and more as family members.

In some divorces, the hardest conversation features the four-legged family member.

You need a family law attorney: How do you find the right one?

Most people might candidly admit that it can be hard to decide at the end of a long day something as seemingly simple as what to cook for dinner or what television program to watch.

Even such trivial things can make for hard choices when they compete for limited time and attention in our busy and complex lives. There is always so much to think about and do.

What do not-quite-rich divorcing couples fight most about?

If you answered "money" to the above-posed question headlining today's blog post, go to the front of the class.

Actually, the query wasn't that difficult, was it? Financial considerations are front-and-center concerns in legions of divorces in Illinois and nationally, and they are hardly the special province of a particular group. Many divorcing couples who face dire money challenges understandably focus on equitable asset distribution, just as do ultra-wealthy spouses in the dissolution process.

Forbes: Pre-nuptial agreements: A hedge for happily ever after

A financial writer and adviser recently penning a family law-linked article for Forbes notes the notion of "forever" that is so inextricably tied to betrothals for young married couples.

And then Rob Clarfeld duly spotlights "that close to half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce."

The Brangelina divorce might ring similarly true with yours

We see them all the time jet-setting off to one of their multiple properties spanning the globe, kids in tow. No viewer has to surf cable channels for long to see either him, her or both of them together starring in one of the huge number of movies they have made. If he's not on the cover of Magazine A, it might be because it's her turn. If she was featured in last month's Vogue, it's back to Brad.

Pitt, that is. With his counterpart of course being Angelina Jolie. Collectively, they are globally known as the power couple Brangelina. Virtually every aspect of their lives is spotlighted in media tabloids.

Are you clear on post-divorce parenting taboos?

Divorce might be an entirely new experience for you as an ex-spouse and parent. Conversely, you might have been down the dissolution road more than once before.

In either event, a divorcing party in a marital split involving children has important things to attend to concerning family matters after the ink on a divorce decree dries. The contours and particulars surrounding "family" may have changed, but parental duties continue.

Challenges faced by blended families

Blended families face many interpersonal and legal challenges.

One indicator of this is the divorce rate, which is about 40 percent for first marriages. The rate of divorce rises to 70 percent for second marriages when both partners have kids from a previous relationship

What are the issues that blended families run into to, as reflected in high divorce rates? We will discuss some of them in this post.

Yes, there are often clear - and multiple - divorce upsides

Legions of divorced individuals in Illinois and nationally immediately - and happily - note a bottom-line improvement in their lives following divorce.

And that is simply logical and, really, anything but surprising. Most people divorce because they want to. And most of them come to the decision after painstaking reflection on their married life and the dispassionate realization that their union with another person was fundamentally flawed and unworkable.

Study on custody outcomes spotlights challenges for Illinois dads

A recent study focused upon child custody laws and outcomes across America lists 20 states that research indicates make consistently strong efforts to secure reasonably equal custody time for both parents in a divorce.

Illinois is not among them.

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