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Things to think about in second and subsequent marriages

The silver lining in the wake of failed marriages for legions of individuals in Illinois and nationally is that their divorce simply marks one lapsed union and does not preclude future happiness. Indeed, and as we know many of our readers can readily attest, a second or subsequent marriage brings true and lasting contentment for millions of Americans.

That positive state is not often just reached casually for many people, though. In fact, reflective and careful individuals acknowledge the failures of a first marriage and apply resulting hard-earned knowledge toward strategies they hope will fuel success with a new partner.

Some considerations re financial management following divorce

Getting to that "OK, we're done here" moment for many couples in an Illinois divorce takes considerable effort, especially when it comes to reaching agreement on key financial matters.

It is far from rare for divorcing parties to face real obstacles en route to consensus in contentious decouplings focused sharply on complex assets and their equitable distribution. An author and contributor to Forbes notes in a recent article penned for that publication that "the process can take months, or even years."

Alimony (spousal maintenance) in flux: What does it all mean?

Some would-be divorcing parties in Illinois and nationally have personal circumstances that logically dictate their focus on discussions surrounding alimony (sometimes called spousal maintenance) payments.

Many of those individuals have likely noted a great deal of discussion that has centered on that topic in past months, and wonder how related details might legally play out in their divorce outcomes.

A few going-to-court divorce recommendations, Part 2

Certain venues immediately stand out for the solemnity and sense of formalism they convey.

A courtroom is one of them, with most participants involved in litigation intuitively knowing that they need to be a bit restrained and on their best behavior when in court.

Your Illinois divorce might not unfold in court, but if it does ...

Here's a core point about divorces in Illinois and everywhere else across the country: They are all different.

When we note that at the Madison County Law Office of Jamie Mitchell, LLC, we don't simply mean that marital dissolution has some case-to-case variance. We mean that, because every marriage is flatly unique, so too is virtually everything relevant to a couple's divorce.

What's behind the impressive resurgence in prenups' popularity?

Family law commentators can undoubtedly offer a myriad of suggestions to explain why prenuptial agreements have unquestionably grown in popularity in recent years.

Conversely, many people who are actually executing such agreements can likely sum up their lure in a single word.

Divorce: challenging, yes, but often a catalyst for positive change

A recent national media article addressing the topic of divorce notes that marital dissolution "is rarely easy, simple and painless."

We are even more succinct than that on our website at The Law Office of Jamie Mitchell in Maryville, simply stressing that, "Divorce is hard."

Negotiating a child custody schedule that works for everyone

Family courts in Illinois look out for the best interests of the child, as do most parents. Most would consider pulling your kids into a battle as something that would not be in the best interests of your children.

Research has shown that high levels of conflict—both during and after the divorce—between parents contribute to poorer adjustment in children. Finding a way for both of you to agree and avoid litigation will spare your children unnecessary drama. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative divorce and mediation can offer a way to stay out of the courtroom and promote positive communication, leading to an agreement you both can live with.

Illinois divorce: multiple routes for securing a successful outcome

Some Illinois residents who contemplate divorce envision a process marked by courtroom conflict.

And that is understandable, given the centrality of court-based battles in contemporary popular culture.

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