Divorce Is Not Just The End Of A Marriage. It Is The Start To A New Life.

Divorce is hard. There are significant financial and legal issues to consider. At The Law Office of Jamie Mitchell, LLC, we work every day on behalf of clients to help them overcome legal and financial obstacles during this difficult time. More than that, however, we help our clients be prepared to start on a new life post divorce. That means keeping enough financial assets to help you be as financially secure as possible. It means preserving family relationships if minor children are involved. While divorce is not easy, it is not insurmountable. Our goal is to put you in the best position possible legally, financially and emotionally to get off to a good start.

Are You Looking For A Contested Or Uncontested Divorce?

Every divorce is unique. Experienced divorce lawyer Jamie Mitchell handles both uncontested and contested divorce. You can briefly read about the differences below:

  • Uncontested divorce: If you already know what you want and have agreed to it with the other party, we can put it in writing and make sure everything is complete, accurate and that you understand what you are agreeing to (and what rights you are giving up).
  • Contested divorce: Most divorces are contested. This doesn't mean it has to be a long, drawn-out court battle. It simply means that at the time of filing, you haven't yet agreed to all the numerous issues in divorce. These issues can be resolved through mediation, negotiation or in court, if necessary.

Most people are unsure about the best way forward in divorce. Jamie sits down one-on-one with every client to discuss their situation and legal options. Right now, you may only have a general idea of what your divorce is going to be like. We'll walk you through the steps and make sure we do everything possible to get you to where you would like to be once the divorce is final.

Providing Comprehensive Representation In Divorce

There are a lot of issues to consider and resolve in divorce. Through experience, Jamie understands what to look out for and how best to protect your rights. We capably and effectively handle all of the following matters in divorce:

We also handle issues involving unmarried and same-sex couples, and a variety of other legal issues involving marriage and divorce.

Military Divorce?

Jamie also regularly handles divorce for military service members and spouses of service members. Military families often have unique and complicated issues to deal with, including custody disputes while on deployment, dividing military pensions and other matters. We are familiar with the issues affecting military families and can help protect your rights.

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